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Welcome to the Home of the Wambdi!!
Tiospa Zina is a tribal school on the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota reservation in northeast South Dakota
and southeast North Dakota.
Tiospa Zina started in the spring of 1982 with 12 students and now serves over 500 students.
The primary reason for the growth of the school population relates to the schools strong commitment
to cultural relevancy and the effect of the school's continuous improvement model.

The School's Mission:
 “Learners will retain their own unique culture and be prepared for a technological/multi-cultural society.”

Dakota Values:

Learners exhibit ohoda by holding in high regard self, others, things, the earth and everything related to the living.


Learners exhibit okciya by sharing their thoughts, time and possessions with others and taking care of those in need.


Learners exhibit tehinda by showing extreme tenderness towards children and doing whatever is necessary to foster their development.


Learners exhibit wicake by telling and acknowledging the truth.


Learners exhibit waunsida by showing empathy towards all living things

Forms and Information Documents:
TZ Technology Plan School Improvement Plan ARRA Action Plan TZ Calendar PDF
Classroom Emergency Flipchart K-5 Student Handbook Tech Plan Approval Letter
Student Acceptable Use Agreement Crisis Manual LSPP-SpEd School Profile E-Rate RFP's

TZ K-12 Educational Standards
K-5 Standards 6-8 Standards 9-12 Standards K-12 Technology Standards

Tiospa Zina Tribal School
#2 Tiospa Zina Dr.
Agency Village, SD
Ph: 605-698-3953
Fax: 605-698-7686